Below you will find some answers to common questions about our fonts, services, licensing etc. Feel free to reach out in case something is still unclear.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you do not need an upgrade assuming the amount of employees at the moment of purchase was accurate.

With Standard License, no, you don’t. You can use our free trial fonts for client pitching purposes. If the client decides to license our fonts, you don’t need a separate license as you are seen as a subcontractor to the client.

Yes you can. You will only have to pay for the difference, contact for more information.

No, you don’t. Both our Standard and Desktop License covers such use case.

Yes, making such modifications is allowed within a commercial license, as long as you don’t make those changes to the actual font file.

Yes, it is. Contact for more information.

Yes, you can (for an additional fee). Contact for more information.

Yes. Contact for more information.

Yes, students and academic personnel are eligible to a 60% discount on all retail fonts. Contact for validation.

Yes, non-profit organizations are eligible to a 60% discount on all retail fonts. Contact for validation.

By default, we provide fonts for desktop use in otf (postscript) format and for web use in woff2 (truetype) format. However if you have special format needs, contact us.

At the moment variable fonts are not available through our webshop, but if you have such needs, please contact for more information.

All orders made through our webshop are processed by Stripe, which supports all the major credit cards. In addition, SEPA transfers are possible. For other kind of bank/wire transfers, please contact.

By default, no, because of the digital nature of the product (you can't really return the fonts once received). However, if for some reason the font(s) appear defect, you have 30 days to let us know and we will try to fix the issue. Refer to our End User License Agreement for more information.

We might, if the overal quality meets our standards and it fits our current (and upcoming) retail library. Feel free to contact us.

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