Domicile Foundry focuses (predominantly) on functional, historically conscious type designed for contemporary environments.

About Domicile Foundry

Domicile Foundry was established by Joona Louhi in 2022. With years of experience in branding, Louhi holds an MA in Type Design (2019) from the Royal Academy of Arts, the Hague (KABK/Type and Media). We are based in Helsinki, Finland. You can find some of our more experimental typefaces at


Besides continuing to expand our retail catalogue, we also design and produce custom fonts commissioned by clients. feel free to contact us for more details on pricing and procedure, whether your needs are small scale customization of our existing retail fonts or larger typographic systems designed from scratch, or anything in between.


Our Standard License model is value-based, aiming to be fairly priced for everything from small, 2-person operations to multinational corporations. The tier of license which is required of you, or your client, is solely based on the size of the licensee entity (the amount of employees at the time of purchase). The Standard License is also fully perpetual, as there will be no need to upgrade in case the company size grows over time. Read our complete End User License Agreement for details. We also offer more traditional licensing options for desktop and web use for a reduced pricing.


Our free test fonts are available for all to download. They support all the same languages as the full commercial fonts. You are allowed to use them for internal evaluation. This includes such use as pitching to clients, mockups and visual composition tests. Students can also use the free test fonts for their non-commercial academic work.


We offer 60% discount for non-profit organizations, academic personnel and students who are currently enrolled in an academic institution. Once graduated you can continue using the fonts without any upgrade. Contact us in order to validate your discount.


You can reach us via for any questions about licensing, technical issues, custom fonts etc. See our Frequently Asked Questions before enquiring via email.

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